Disk Cleanup CleanUp! 4.52

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Disk Cleanup CleanUp! 4.52

CleanUp! - Another program-cleaner. It allows you to not only get rid of unnecessary files to clutter up your hard drive, but also to ensure confidentiality.Often, such a result is impossible to achieve with manual cleaning, and the time it would take too much. Enough download free CleanUp !, to automate the cleaning and make it more profound.

Temporary files of garbage that had accumulated after internet surfing, shopping cart - all easily remove programs.Importantly, the program is able to delete files permanently, that is, their recovery will be impossible, even with specialized programs. This is important if the user has some confidential information on your computer, for example, passwords, contacts, etc.

The program CleanUp! It can scan to clean up the entire hard drive and directory specified. You can also specify a directory that does not need to check. You can select the degree of purification - the deeper will take longer, but it will remove a maximum of unnecessary files.
Version: 4.52
Localized language: No
Developer: Steven Gould
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 0,3 Mb
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