HDD diagnostic MHDD 4.6

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HDD diagnostic MHDD 4.6

MHDD is a program which allows accurate diagnosis and prevention drives.Working with drives made at a low level through the ports controls Toe there directly.Diagnosis surface storage is carried out very precisely and quickly, unlike similar programs. Verification does not depend on the data available on this drive. To get rid of «soft» -bad sectors can be at maximum speed.

The main functions of which is equipped with MHDD:
- Very precise and instantaneous diagnosis of head and the surface of the drive, ie its mechanical parts;
- Hiding defective sectors;
- Constant monitoring of the possible registers;
- You can adjust the noise, which publishes the drive, regardless of the manufacturer; It is available in the error logs, text attributes and launch;
- All the information available on the drive, it is destroyed without subsequent recovery;
- Have the ability to remove or set a password to work with the entire system password;
- Drive can "warm up" and test it in the most extreme of these conditions;
- There is a batch testing of multiple drives;
- And this is not all the useful features in the program.

Download MHDD and enjoy it can be anyone, whether an experienced user or an absolute beginner.
Version: 4.6
Localized language: No
Developer: MHDD Software
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Size: 0,6 Mb
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