Online translator Dicter 3.62

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Online translator Dicter 3.62

Dicter - rather unusual online translator. Just select the text and press the hot key, to get a full translation of the text. By default, the combination of CTRL + ALT. It differs from other online translators that require installation on your computer and the Internet takes dictionaries.

The program is convenient because it can be used in any application, including web browsers, text editors, instant messengers, postal service, etc.In addition to translating the app provides audio files to listen to text. Total supported more than 40 different languages. Thanks to advanced mode, you can edit, copy, and voice translation.

Translator is designed for the widest audience. To work it uses online dictionaries Google, taken from the same voice texts.Thus, it allows you to enjoy an excellent translator from Google without having to open the corresponding site. It's a great way to download free Dicter and evaluate its opportunities.
Version: 3.62
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Dicter
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 22,9 Mb
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