Download Irregular Verbs 8.0.33

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Download Irregular Verbs 8.0.33

All the people of the world recognize the importance of the English language, but not all begin to study it. For those who still decided to master the basics of it, just need to download Irregular Verbs.

The program includes about three hundred irregular English verbs, which are combined in a dictionary. Their values ​​are given in three languages: Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz. It has voiced stories, various games, all kinds of tests and exercises on grammar.

In small tests students can use a hint. Download Irregular Verbs can each user of the Internet, because it is quite a simple interface.She is constantly improving and helps people to remember irregular verbs, which are displayed in the following times: Present Participle, Past Participle, Simple Past. The program can be used for homework or exam.

Heavy and cumbersome dictionaries are disappearing, replaced them perform a variety of applications for the PC. In this application, you can find the word in the letter, and it is quite practical, because sometimes the search speed goes first. Through the Internet, you can regularly update the program.
Version: 8.0.33
Localized language: Yes
Developer: TG Team
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 5,9 Mb
Download Irregular Verbs 8.0.33