Typing tutor iQwer 1.1

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Typing tutor iQwer 1.1

iQwer - this typing tutor that teaches the user to type the 10-finger-blind maximum speed.An innovative approach to learning allows to achieve results as soon as possible. Instead, similar to each other turn-based program offers lessons at once to print on the entire keyboard.

The developers claim that in an hour and a half of training the user will be able to touch-type.The simulator iQwer constantly trying to force the user to type faster and faster, so developing good speed. There is also a mode that develops immediately, and print quality and speed.

With support for multiple users can be trained on the simulator a few people, each of them will take into account its own statistics.A convenient way to display statistics with the ability to view specific areas easily and quickly give an idea of ​​the progress. It is useful to download free iQwer all those who is typing too slow, because in our time, this skill is a must.

An interesting solution was the program management iQwer using only keyboard shortcuts, it forces the user to get used to the keyboard and only work with her.
Version: Eleven
Localized language: Yes
Developer: iQwer Team
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 7,8 Mb
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