Bible Reading All Bible For You 29.0

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Bible Reading All Bible For You 29.0

All Bible For You - a great program for people who believe and those who study the Christian religion. It is designed for reading the Bible, and in addition it includes the interpretation of the texts explaining the sacred texts.To study the Bible with the help of this application becomes easy and fun, and the embedded video on the history of religions, will add even more clarity in the formation of religious views.

Anyone can download free All Bible For You. The application contains audio files with religious songs.It is perfect for those who are engaged in the study of religions, or just wants to replenish their knowledge and become more knowledgeable.Of course, the program is most like the Christians, which is very convenient to look for the right place in the Bible, and reading the explanations will not forget the essence. The annex also contains a book, "Revelation of St. John the Divine."
Version: 29.0
Localized language: Yes
Developer: All Bible For You
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 14,9 Mb
Free All Bible For You 29.0