Tickets SDA 2013 2.0.0 Lite

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Tickets SDA 2013 2.0.0 Lite

Tickets SDA - a program to prepare for the test on traffic rules. It is useful not only for those who are trained to drive, but also to those who have long been at the wheel, but wants a refresher.

All tickets correspond to the official program of study, so download free tickets SDA makes sense if you do not want surprises in the exam in the form of questions that you can see for the first time.You will be able to fully prepare for the exam, not only, but also to the actual departure of the road, because this knowledge can and should be applied in practice.

The program includes various modules for self-testing, through which the user can "rehearse" the exam as many times as he needs.This will create conditions as close to real testing. The program contains the required number of subjects for study that should master any future driver.
Version: 2013 2.0.0 Lite
Localized language: Yes
Developer: MCA
Operating system: Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Size: 9,9 Mb
Free tickets SDA 2013 2.0.0 Lite