Notes on the desktop Stickies 8.0c

Notes on the desktop Stickies 8.0c

Stickies - a program for creating notes on the desktop in the form of sticks. Notes have a pleasant appearance, which flexibly configurable. The program has a fairly broad functionality, as notes support rich text formatting, and can also act as an alarm clock.

Stick You can add not only text, but also images and even audio files. They can be sent to friends and colleagues via TCP / IP, SMTP or MAPI.They can not be attached to the operating table, and to specific documents or windows. It uses a handy list of friends. Upon receipt of a note from a friend, you will hear a sound alert.Background notes each configured as the text color, fonts, etc. The location and the contents of the notes remains intact even after the computer is restarted.

Reminds will not forget about important events. Furthermore, reminders can be activated on a schedule, for example every day, week or month.Any sticks can be hidden until a certain date or time. This is very handy if you do not want to see extra reminders ahead of time.

The program does not make any changes to the registry and stores its settings in a separate file. With its help, you can finally get rid of the tons of sticky pieces of paper, which is usually glued the whole frame of the monitor. Moreover, free download Stickies everyone can.
Version: 8.0c
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Tom Revell
Operating system: Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Size: 1,0 Mb
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