Trader's Calculator 2.0

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Trader's Calculator 2.0

Trader's calculator - program for the settlement of transactions of traders, which can automatically be considered income and risks of transactions. No need to install, can be run directly from a flash drive.

Trader's calculator program automatically helps to evaluate the deal and decide whether to accept it, what are the possible risks and rewards. Able to work in stocks, futures, and Forex.The user indicates what is acceptable risk for him. The program will give advice according to the calculations. If a real risk of exceeding the allowable, the program advises to abandon the deal.If the deal is beneficial, the program will draw the appropriate conclusions and give advice to accept the deal.

You can download a free Trader's calculator, even if you have not had much experience in this field.The program is an excellent tool for traders of any level of knowledge, it is used successfully even experienced professionals.Cute and very intuitive interface makes it easy to get started in the program, you need to enter the initial data in the appropriate windows, and then the necessary calculations will be made and given to a conclusion.
Version: 20
Localized language: Yes
Developer: LLC "Inform Invest"
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 1,3 Mb
Free Trader's Calculator 2.0