1.3 Calculation of time

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1.3 Calculation of time

Calculation of time - strangely enough, is a program for calculating the length of service. It allows you to quickly calculate the total length of the weight of the periods.The program indicates the number of days, months, years in the period. It calculates continuous service on the basis of legislation, that is, until September 1, 1983 break should be no longer than 30 days, and after that date - no more than 21.

A very handy feature to print calculations which may indicate experience and periods. Also, the data can be saved to a file. Using the program is very simple.To add a period, you simply specify the start date and end date. Everything else will be done automatically.For the sake of simplicity and cost calculation download free time, because this program greatly simplifies the chore of simple, but dreary calculations. Nice interface pleases the eye and makes it easy to navigate the functionality.
Version: 13
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Soft Svetlada
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 0,5 Mb
Free Calculation time 1.3