Mini Hotel 1.3

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Mini Hotel 1.3

Mini Hotel - an application for the conduct and accounting information in various inns, hotels, recreation centers and similar institutions. It is a handy database for conducting such business.It is also suitable for daily delivery of housing. It has a convenient tool for visualizing reservations.

It is necessary to download free Mini-hotel, in order to keep all the information about the dates of arrival, customers, duration of tenancy, the number of beds, prices, amount paid, etc.The program provides a convenient database of numbers, by which the hotel staff in a few seconds will be able to determine which rooms can be offered to customers. There is a built-in calendar that graphically displays the arrival and reservations.

As Mini Hotel - is a free version of software developer in the line, it can work at the same time with only 5 rooms and has only one price category. The application can significantly ease the life owners of small hotels and hostels, as well as people who donate an apartment for rent.
Version: 13
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Ltd. "Course-Soft"
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 4,3 Mb
Free Mini Hotel 1.3