Print price tags 1.0

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Print price tags 1.0

Print price tags - is a program module for Excel, which adds functionality to easily create price tags. Create templates price tag to it is very simple.It is possible to use figures and images, and other built-in Excel. Print is not necessarily the right of every individual to the price tag, you can configure batch printing, in which the information in the tags will be added automatically directly from the database or price.

The ability to download print price tags makes this unit unique. It can automatically determine which position in the price-list have been changed, and print new price tags just for them.The program lets you add bar codes and QR, icons shares a different image. Supported formatting, different fonts, change of position labels, etc. Price lists can be saved in formats XLS, PDF and XPS, which will open them in other programs.

With this tool, any user can create in a matter of seconds hundreds of attractive price tags with relevant information, forming a pattern. Automatically fill in price lists current information from the price saving huge amounts of time.
Version: 10
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Lab-1M
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 1,3 Mb
Free print price tags 1.0