Families Accounting 1.3

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Families Accounting 1.3

Accounting Families - the program to take account of family finances. It would not be superfluous to download Accounting families, if you do not know where the money goes.Many people familiar with the situation when it seems that nothing is bought and the money is gone. Strict control and accounting helps to avoid such problems. In addition, planning is the key to personal and family budget, which will positively affect the financial well-being.

Fortunately, the program allows you with ease to add to the database all items of expenditure and income. You can analyze the cash flows using visual graphs and detailed reports. So you'll know where it goes the most money, which brings the highest income families, etc.

Many similar programs is not possible budget planning, but it is families Accounting. You can even analyze the plans along with already happened revenues and expenditures.The program also allows you to take into account the money taken or given into debt. Supports multiple wallets, different currencies.

Work with the program may be a few users, while the data can be easily protected with a password. Database files are easily imported into Excel or OpenOffice. In addition, the program can make backup copies of data and restore them without any problems.
Version: 13
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Elina Svetlana
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 1,6 Mb
Free Accounting 1.3 Family