Processing statistics VSTAT 2.01

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Processing statistics VSTAT 2.01

VSTAT - a program that efficiently handles statistics and gives accurate results.Its feature is high speed, so that it can handle truly massive amounts of data in a short time. The program is based on older packages StatEkspert and Olympia, which had been finalized. This software is widely used in practice.

Interestingly, a library of methods have their own applications, as well as API. This opens up opportunities for developers to build other programs on the basis of this. Third-party software may include the program as a module for processing the statistics.

With this application you can turn your PC into a real computer center, because it is for this once, and computers were created.The program has been developing for two decades, constantly perfected its algorithm. For normal operation, the program requires Windows OS and MS Excel. You can download a free VSTAT absolutely legally.
Version: 2.01
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Vector One Corporation
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 2,0 Mb
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