For Realtors Real-Estate 1.0

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For Realtors Real-Estate 1.0

Real-Estate - program makes life easier for realtors. In fact, a convenient database, which is very convenient to make housing options. Due to thoroughly thought-out form filling you do not forget to respect housing - all will be recorded in its place.

The main convenience base Real-Estate is that it is easy to look for an apartment for certain parameters.You will be able to instantly pick up housing for the client corresponding to its requirements, if any, is available in your database.In addition to basic information about the state of the room, the presence of communications, footage, and other things can be added to the database and the photograph of the object that allows you to communicate with the client via the Internet and show him the object without leaving the office.

Real-Estate program allows you to configure and display reference data. It can also draw up a report and immediately print it. To ensure the confidentiality of its customers, use the contact data protection password.

You can download the free Real-Estate and facilitate their work at times.
Version: 10
Localized language: Yes
Developer: codeLocker
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 0,9 Mb
Free Real-Estate 1.0