The study of programming Pascal ABC 2.2

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The study of programming Pascal ABC 2.2

Pascal ABC - program for learning programming in general, and Pascal in particular. Designed for students. Thanks to the simplified operation allows to learn the language even in the early stages of learning.

Pascal ABC program has several features:the ability to write programs only with procedural variables, device modules like the main program, the inability to generate the exe-file and many others.It is necessary to note the presence of built-in problem book containing problems for all difficulty levels and ages of students. It is capable of generating input data for tasks on different topics.In addition, it checks the correctness of the decision and leads its protocol. For effective teaching middle school and junior classes in the program incorporated education Draftsman performers and robots.

For the electronic book of problems can create tasks themselves, as well as for training artists.

Since the definition of body techniques in Pascal ABC program can be carried out directly in class, it allows you to explore methods at earlier stages than it has been possible without the program.

You can download a free Pascal ABC, quick and easy to learn programming in Pascal, using a minimum of additional literature and even dispensing with the teachers.
Version: 2.2
Localized language: Yes
Developer: PascalABCNET Team
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 6,1 Mb
Free Pascal ABC 2.2