Calculation of I-beams - i-Beam 0.9 beta

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Calculation of I-beams - i-Beam 0.9 beta

i-Beam - a program with a very narrow specialization. It is intended for the calculation of various parameters of I-beams to conform to GOST 8239-89. This easy-to-use tool allows you to make payments by simply entering the source data into the appropriate line.

The designations in the program fully correspond to those of the guests, so experts should have no problems with that.It is possible to calculate three parameters: the perimeter of the cross-sectional area and reduced thickness. Initially the application was created for testing flame retardants using fire tests, but the calculations can be useful not only for this.

Enough download free i-Beam, once and for all rid themselves of tedious calculation, entrusting the case a computer that does not make mistakes in the calculations. Extremely simple interface will instantly understand the management.
Version: 0.9 beta
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Ivan Poedintsev
Operating system: Windows XP
Size: 0,3 Mb
Free i-Beam 0.9 beta