Text Editing Mass Editor 1.27

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Text Editing Mass Editor 1.27

Mass Editor - a program to mass edit files. Is a set of 8 modules, each of which serves a specific task.The program has a Russian interface and is able to save a lot of time, performing automatically in a few minutes something that would have taken hours if done manually.

Utilities Mass Editor able to remove the extra text from text files, freeing up space, convert HTML to text files back and forth to change the colors in HTML. The program also can show the HTML-files and edit the title, description, keywords, author, and other data in them.

It turned out to be very useful module Renamer, with which you can batch rename files by mask. Of course, not without the tag editor to audio files of MP3. You can also create playlists.

Enough download free Mass Editor, and you do not spend on tedious routine editing a minute. Why painstakingly perform what modern technology can do automatically?
Version: 1.27
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Andriy Kononenko
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Size: 0,3 Mb
Free Mass Editor 1.27