The development environment Windows Phone SDK 7.1

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The development environment Windows Phone SDK 7.1

Windows Phone SDK - the development environment for a mobile platform Windows Phone. With it you can create complete applications for smartphones in the programming language C # using libraries .NET.

The package includes several software solutions. For example, Windows Phone Emulator allows immediately check writing software, without having to use real smartphones.The emulator is universal, able to work as a budget smartphone with a 256 MB memory or higher-end smartphone with a more powerful hardware.On slower computers the emulator may not work, but it does not prevent the use of other components of the package. There is also a range of other tools for testing software in the real world. The package also contains the SDK and DRT for Silverlight.

If you have Visual Studio on the computer does not release below Professional, Windows Phone SDK will work as an add to it. Fortunately download Windows Phone SDK can be without any problems. Valuable tool for application development is not worth a dime.
Version: 7.1
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Microsoft
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 3,5 Mb
Download Windows Phone SDK 7.1