Directory of radio Color and Code 10.6

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Directory of radio Color and Code 10.6

Color and Code - the program that defines the type of radioactive element in his code or color marking. It also contains a guide to active and passive radio. You can see how all the elements in the database, and choose the right, and enter the type of radio yourself.

The extensive database includes a plurality of types of elements, including diodes, regulators, capacitors, resistors, etc. Color and Code program gives detailed specifications of the element.The information can also be displayed in the mode of functional chips or dimensions. For each type of device has its own toolbar, due to this the user can not be distracted by unnecessary information, which is not related to this item.

There is a built-in calculator, which already has an impressive list of settlement of the corresponding formulas. To get results, you simply enter the initial data. It is worth to download Color and Code, and to ease the calculations.
Version: 10.6
Localized language: Yes
Developer: IntechnoSoft
Operating system: Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Size: 31,4 Mb
Free Color and Code 10.6