Currency converter from HTML to CHM - htm2chm

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Currency converter from HTML to CHM - htm2chm

htm2chm - the most simple and at the same time one of the best programs to convert HTML-format pages in CHM.CHM format is convenient because it is much easier to see, it takes up much less space on your hard disk and open standard means of Windows. In addition, CHM is very popular as e-books and some great shows in this capacity.

To compile HTML in this format, you need to download free htm2chm and take simple actions in the program. The interface is very simple, it is almost nothing.There are only windows, which specifies the source and output files, as well as a small number of settings. When installing the program is integrated into the context menu, so to run it you can simply right-click on a file and select the appropriate item.

The program supports batch conversion, which helps get rid of superfluous routine actions.The speed of the utility at very high for a rather hefty file takes only a few seconds. It is also possible to combine several HTML-files into a single CHM. To determine the order of the files, you just need to rename them in alphabetical order.
Localized language: No
Developer: Yaroslav Kirillov
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 0,8 Mb
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