Programming PascalABC.NET 2.0

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Programming PascalABC.NET 2.0

PascalABC.NET - powerful development environment based on a mixture of the two languages ​​- Pascal and .NET. Geared toward teaching programming as such. It includes tools to create a simple graphical interface. It features the ability to run applications in Pascal directly from the browser window.

Srdy feature of this is that, based on Pascal-code code is generated for the .NET-platform, which opens up a lot more opportunities.Such programs are also characterized by high performance.Wednesday included the expansion of the language Pascal, including vnutriblochnye variable declaration, defining method bodies within classes, simpler syntax module, the operator foreach, automatic detection of the type in the description, and more.

With the integrated debugger makes sense to download a free PascalABC.NET even those who are just learning programming. This debugger gives tips during the test code, it can automatically format, etc.

The environment is all that is necessary for learning modern programming, taking into account developments in this area in recent years.
Version: 20
Localized language: Yes
Developer: PascalABCNET Team SFedU
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 7,8 Mb
Free PascalABC.NET 2.0