Ready Server CS 1.6 V. 3.0

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Ready Server CS 1.6 V. 3.0

Ready Server CS - is, oddly enough, the server for the game Counter Strike, without whom the game on the network is not possible. Now it is not necessary to look for a server for the game.Any player can download free Ready CS server and install on your computer to play with friends, or even to attract a large number of players.

In addition to the server assembly includes a variety of fashion, improve and complement the gameplay and affect the functionality of the server itself.Importantly, for the installation of the finished server does not need to be an expert, even an ordinary user to do the task. We just need to follow the prompts on the screen.The server is fully configured and ready to go, if you wish you can change the name that people recognize him by name. To manage the server, and do not need to make any special effort.

Modern assembly are very stable, so provide a comfortable game without disruptions.

- Metamod-P 1.19p32
- AMX Mod X 1.8
- HLGuard 1.9n10
- Reallite HLGuard Anti-Cheats Config 2.4

- Amx_who shows IP: Port players (modified admincmd.sma)
- ZBot not work

Password during installation:

* This
components is a part of the game All-CS 1.6

- Booster 2.4
- Webmod
- Additional plug-ins
Version: 1.6 V. 3.0
Localized language: Yes
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 4,7 Mb
Download Ready Server CS 1.6 V. 3.0