Text editor for the Web - Amaya 11.4.4

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Text editor for the Web - Amaya 11.4.4

Amaya - is a very interesting web editor open source. It is designed to create and edit web documents directly into the network.It also contains a web browser, without which the network editor would be meaningless. The program uses the Internet for its intended purpose for which it was created - as a platform for cooperation.

This application relates to the WYSIWIG-editors, which means that the user can immediately see the consequences of the changes they made. It supports HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, MathML and SVG.Due to the fact that the program is developed by a consortium W3C, it maintains its standards, so it is easily implemented technology into it.

Despite the fact that the application has a browser, it is not recommended to use it to surf the web. Websites not optimized for Amaya, so it may look quite different, as they should.But the sites are created with this program in full compliance with the latest standards. This means that all the appropriate browsers will display your pages correctly. Built-in browser will immediately evaluate the result.

If you have to work on the site remotely with colleagues, download free Amaya will be the right decision. The program will allow the transfer of documents without exhausting each other to share the results.
Version: 11.4.4
Localized language: No
Developer: W3C
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 13,9 Mb
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