Scientific calculator STAT

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Scientific calculator STAT

STAT - scientific calculator, designed for designers of aluminum construction.With it you can calculate the load on the various structural elements and design all in accordance with the requirements of SNIP. This is especially significant for the stained glass windows and door frames, façades and other architectural elements.

Importantly, the calculation takes into account not only its own weight of the structure but also the load of the wind and even snow. Taken into account and eccentric compression, bending and more.STAT Scientific calculator is a real helper for professionals of the business, making complex calculations with a lot of variables in a matter of minutes, whereas a man would take a lot of time. It is possible to calculate even stained glass.

The program has a user-friendly interface, in one window, the user enters all required variables. Supported database projects. You can always download free STAT on our site. Localized language available.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: ACAT-Capital
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 3,0 Mb