Graphic editor Pixia 6.01t

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Graphic editor Pixia 6.01t

Pixia - this is one of the best free image editors. With a small size, it has a number of features not found in other image editing programs. The program works only of Windows.

Runs Pixia, unlike other image editors, almost immediately, in addition it has a very low memory requirements.

The program has all the basic tools inherent in image editor for efficient handling of photos and images. Furthermore, it includes other interesting possibilities.

The free image editor Pixia implemented the ability to simultaneously work with multiple documents, there is a special tool to add text and its subsequent correction.

For the convenience of the drawing, increasing the accuracy of processing of small parts, there is a tool in Pixia Loope.

There is a program function Smooth Zoom, which allows to increase the image size 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 times with minimal quality.
In addition there is a function in the editor Biorythm Graph, which can be used to display the human biorhythms.

Graphic Editor supports transparency effects, three-dimensional layers has its own graphic format pxa, supports the format psd Adobe Photoshop, as well as the formats tiff, ico, bmp, ipeg, png, and pict.

As a disadvantage are the lack of batch processing, which makes it impossible to work with a large number of images and the absence of macros to help get rid of routine, repetitive tasks.
Version: 6.01t
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Isao Maruoka
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 14,6 Mb
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