Graphic editor GIMP

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Graphic editor GIMP

This is a free multilingual editing supports a large number of graphic formats. When installing the program itself determines the language of the operating system.

The program includes a large selection of tools for drawing and image editing and photo. GIMP works with filters, masks, layers and blending modes.

In the graphic editor GIMP user-friendly interface. The flexible configuration editor "for themselves." To enhance the GIMP created a lot of extensions, plugins, brushes and gradients.Brushes can be raster and animated, the possibility of change in their stiffness, color and size. GIMP can work with brushes of Photoshop.

Learn how to work with this editor is not difficult. If you are having difficulties with his studies, it offers a few sites that are completely dedicated graphics editor GIMP, where you can download updates, additions and extensions, as well as lessons in Russian.

GIMP can work with graphics tablets and other input devices.

Free GIMP was created as an alternative to toll Photoshop and successfully cope with this task. Below you will find links to different versions of the program, with which you can direct links download free GIMP in Russian.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: The GIMP Team
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 87,5 Mb
Download GIMP (Gimpo)