Graphic editor IrfanView 4.38

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Graphic editor IrfanView 4.38

IrfanView - simple, easy and free editing. It makes editing accessible to everyone because it provides professional tools to the user in a simplified form.

The program is positioned as an editor for the fans. They are ideal for those who sometimes crop, producing a simple color correction, retouching, etc.So people pointless to pay for bulky and very expensive program, because you can download for free IrfanView, which has all the necessary functions and there is nothing superfluous.

Members who do not know what settings you need to put a particular result will be glad to know that the program is able to automatically adjust the saturation, gamma and contrast to get a better quality image.

In addition to graphics editing program IrfanView is able to play audio and video files. It is also perfect to create screensavers in a variety of slide show, capture images from a scanner, convert image files into different formats, and more.

With IrfanView can create screen shots, which is very useful in the event of any errors. Total Commander lovers will be pleased to know that the program is integrated into it.
Version: 4.38
Localized language: There crack
Developer: Irfan Skiljan
Operating system: Windows 7/8 / XP / Vista
Size: 1,6 Mb
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