Graphic editor SmallFoto 6.0

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Graphic editor SmallFoto 6.0

SmallFoto - versatile tool for working with images. It can resize, convert images, add logos to them, rename files, etc. There is a function for batch files.

Among other things, the utility allows you to view the image. Photos of poor quality may be slightly revised to improve clarity.Furthermore, the program contains a set of filters, which will also help to improve image quality and to achieve artistic effects. It is possible to rotate the image and zoom it, crop and apply artistic frames.

The program can compress files to JPG, with the files take up much less space and is more convenient to store in this form. It supports all popular graphic formats. Despite the rich functionality and ease of use, free download SmallFoto can anyone.
Version: 6.0
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Nikolai Lyashenko
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 0,9 Mb
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