Photo! 3D Album 1.2

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Photo! 3D Album 1.2

Photo! 3D Album - a program for creating photo galleries.Three-dimensional picture by using this program, perfectly fit into the gatherings with friends or family a warm evening, as they become relevant framing your photo collection.View gallery is much nicer than just snapping photos. Besides the basic functions of the program can create screensavers.

To create a gallery, you need to download Photo! 3D Album and think about which photos you want to see it.First you need to choose the background, that is, the interior of the gallery, and then put the photo in the frame. The application is built a lot of options of interior, from mountains and deserts to luxury rooms. To download additional backgrounds available.

The finished gallery can be saved on the hard drive or put on the Internet. You can run it on any computer, even if it is not the program.To navigate through the gallery available automatic mode, where the camera moves itself. If you prefer to manage the process, this can be done with the mouse.

The program Photo! 3D Album can make screensavers with support for background music, in which the camera moves through the gallery showing photos.
Version: 12
Localized language: No
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 31,7 Mb
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