SoftSkin Photo Makeup

SoftSkin Photo Makeup
Photo Makeup — turn your ordinary photos into professional photos! SoftSkin Photo Makeup will make your portrait prettier and younger. It will improve the tone and texture of the skin, removing wrinkles, and also help to make a virtual makeover. And it's all very simple!

• Improve skin

Glamorous models have gorgeous skin... Or not? Hours spent on makeup, and a bunch of time to process photos, make photos "ModeLine". SoftSkin Photo Makeup significantly simplifies the process of creating professional portrait photo by eliminating the defects of the skin such as wrinkles, pimples, freckles and spots, improves skin color.

• Skin texture improvement
Your skin may look perfect! SoftSkin Photo Makeup makes the skin smooth and flawless. Nobody likes unnatural makeup, skin looks like plastic dolls, you will not have "plastic skin" on the photo. Instead, the program improves the texture of the skin, giving it a natural and healthy look.

• Whiten teeth and eyes
Difficult shooting conditions and shadows can make your portrait far from perfect. You can improve it by making your teeth and the whites of the eyes whiter. It is very easy to do with the help of the program, only a few Shchelkov click and ready!

• Eye separation
Expressive eyes — this is one of the main elements of the portrait. You can easily highlight the eyes by using SoftSkin Photo Makeup a few clicks.

• Removing red-eye
The red-eye effect appears on the photo because of the flash, pointed directly in his face. Light reflected from the fundus of the eye creates a red spot on the photo. Photographers can easily avoid red-eye by the proper photo equipment and shooting, however, the normal distribution is not always the case and the red eye should be eliminated.
SoftSkin Photo Makeup can easily eliminate red eye with a few mouse clicks.

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (x86x64)
Interface language: Multi / Multi
Treatment: complete
File size: 10,75 MB

SoftSkin Photo Makeup

SoftSkin Photo Makeup

SoftSkin Photo Makeup

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