Kompas-3D 16.0.6 Special Edition

Kompas-3D 16.0.6 Special Edition
Russian registered version with a complete set of components!

"Compass-3D» - Three-dimensional modeling system, which has become the standard for thousands of companies due to the successful combination of simplicity and ease of development with powerful functionality and solidsurface modeling. The main product feature is the use of its own mathematical core and parametric technologies developed by ASCON specialists.The main components of KOMPAS-3D - the actual three-dimensional modeling system, a universal system of automated 2D-designing KOMPAS-Graphic, specifications and design module and a text editor. All of them are easy to learn, have a Russian-language interface and help system.

Base system features include functionality that allows you to design a product of any complexity in 3D, and then draw it on a set of documents required for its production in accordance with applicable standards (GOST, STP, etc.):
toolkit developed a three-dimensional solid, surface and parametric modeling;
functionality for creating and working with the performances of parts and assembly units, with automatic receipt of documentation (specification and drawings with the types and versions tables);
account access to all driving dimensions in sketches and build operations;
mechanisms for working with large assemblies: layers, partial loading of components, special optimizations that allow secure processing of complex projects, including tens of thousands of sub-assemblies, parts and standard products, as well as working with layers in 3D;
Modeling functional parts from sheet material - commands for creating of sheet body, bends, holes, louver, fillets, stampings and cutouts in the sheet body angles circuit, etc., and also perform scanning obtained sheet body (the formation of associative drawing scanning)..
special features to facilitate construction of molds - casting biases the parting line of the cavity in form parts (including shrinkage task);
tools to create custom parametric libraries of standard elements;
possibility of design and technological documentation: built-in system of KOMPAS-Graphic allows to produce drawings, specifications, diagrams, tables, text documents;
built-in reports on the composition of the product, including the user attributes;
the possibility of dimensioning, designations and specifications (support GOST 2.052-2006 "Electronic ESKD product model.») 3D-models;
support to the Unicode standard;
integration with various CAD / CAM / CAE systems;
protection of user data, intellectual property and information constituting commercial and state secrets (sold separate software module KOMPAS-Protection).

Default KOMPAS-3D supports export / import of most popular formats models, due to what is provided by integration with various CAD / CAM / CAE packages.The basic functionality of the product can easily be expanded due to a variety of applications that complement the functionality of KOMPAS-3D effective tools for solving specific engineering problems.For example, applications for the design of piping, steel structures, various machine parts allow most of the steps are automated, reducing the total time of the project developmentrepeatedly. The modularity of the system allows the user to define a set of necessary applications that provide only demanded functionality.
"Compass-Shaft 3D» - projecting shafts with mechanical transmission elements and links;
"Compass-Spring» - spring system design;
"Pipelines 3D» - piping system design;
"Cables and plaits 3D» - 3D-modeling of electrical cables and harnesses and the release of design documentation for them;
«Metal 3D» - automation of typical works on designing frames and frames made of rolled metal products;
"Compass-Electric" - design of electrical circuits;
"Standard Products: Fasteners" - includes fixing 2D and 3D products according to GOST, OST 92, ISO, DIN;
"Molds 3D»;
«3D-library of parts and components die";
«3D-Library parts molds";
«APM FEM» - structural analysis system for "Compass-3D»;

Major innovations in KOMPAS-3D 16:
The main conceptual and most users expect innovation was the "mirror", which fundamentally changes the approach to 3D-design.SLR performance parts and assemblies, mirror images and texts, new types of interfaces - now on the simulation of the symmetrical part of any product or object you need to spend onlya few clicks. The principles of "mirroring" implemented in the preparation of drawings functionality.So, when added to the associative drawing view with a mirrored performance model are automatically generated labels in the format recommended by GOST 2.113-75.For structural design in the arsenal of KOMPAS-3D in store commands for working with the text:in the new version, you can not only configure the number and location of characteristic points to move the line, but if necessary - to create mirrored text.Tools "mirroring" will demand a variety of businesses in a variety of applications KOMPAS-3D, because almost all goods and objects created by an engineer containStatement symmetric elements from tanks "Uralvagonzavod" to NGOs aircraft "Aerovolga" from the fire equipment company Tver "Fire safety systems" to the anti-aircraft missile complexes Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" ...
In KOMPAS-3D V16 developers gave a second life to sheet metal bending, as many ASCON customers use its products to parts of complex shape the sheet.Now, users have access to a wide range of commands to quickly create bends without any additional operations and additional constructions in the sketch.Particular attention was paid to the work with ruled shells, which are based on a ruled surface of general type and are not always physically unfold without plastic deformation.Previously, the user was forced to build these parts with surfaces and solid operations without the possibility to build a scan, but this V16 has a special functionality.It offers some designers working with other types of sheet bodies, for example, the number of segments by the segmentation, by length, height or angle of a conventional shell segment, which is requiredwhen, for example, there is no possibility to manufacture a variable bending radius, i.e. form a conical-shaped folds.When using these and other new modeling for sheet items receive scan and transmit it to the equipment with which it will cut from the sheet and will produce subsequent bending becomes very simple.
Among other innovations that will be of interest to any machine-builders - saving assembly unit as the body, making it much easier and allows you to quickly perform the following operations;Auto Fit formats when printing drawings; development of functional "Service tools" application, which was supplemented by a set of commands that enhance usability and speed of standard constructions.
To the output of the new version has been completely updated application equipment: Metal.High speed of construction, simplicity, convenience, interactivity - with the new app, you can easily and intuitively design complex frame and filler metal, and as a result avoidadditional material costs, tools, and most importantly - the loss of time. The app is useful to all businesses that use its products profiled metal.
Annex shafts and 3D mechanical transmission appeared optimization calculation of cylindrical gears.It provides a choice of the best solutions, reflecting any combination of criteria: strength, durability, smoothness, etc.Also, using the application can solve the inverse problem of designing cylindrical transmission - gear select parameters depending on the conditions of its work.
Users will notice and how the scope of application was extended Mechanics: Springs. In particular, it adds the ability to construct the spring without a settlement.This is useful when the engineer has a drawing of the spring, but there is a model: it is possible to form by entering via the geometric parameters of the application.
Application Equipment: Cables and Wiring has committed a significant leap forward in performance. formation time 3D-model harness decreased by 3-5 times depending on the complexity of the harness.Now the services of the designer the ability to read the composition of the compounds of KOMPAS-Electrician system of the exchange the XML-file. This feature allows you to automate the process of building tracks connections and harness / cable models.
There were trends in the KOMPAS-Electrician: a new solution in the design documentation in KOMPAS-Electric (applies to schemes from E3 to E6) makes it possible to increase the information content of the documents.And when marking a potential site can now include the designation harness and cable, which includes a specific connection between the devices.
With the introduction of 3D CAD Renga Architecture ASCON does not stop the development of the construction configuration of KOMPAS-3D and applications that make up MinD design technology.Changes in the new version directly meet user "on the threshold":application interface now allows you to set tools that can be combined in a compact panel and placed in any convenient location of the working field.In this application the change automatically changes the set of tools, so that every designer can create a personalized workspace.
The application catalog Metalware: Cabinet added a list of new materials in accordance with the product mix; there were corners, I-beams and channels for foreign standards. The filter box is now available as a guest on the material and the material grade, which will help to more accurately select the desired profile.
The family of applications engineering systems - Technology: TX, Sustenance: OB, Sustenance: VC - implemented new options:Avtotroynik, Auto Transition Concentric, Eccentric Auto Transition, self key to the selection, a self key transitions.Features Auto transition insert (concentric or eccentric) by changing the diameter of the long lacked in KOMPAS-3D. Until now, she is looking for the element of the transition from the catalog, and now occurs automatically.
Self key to the selection of able to find the appropriate control parameters (diameter, the SDR, and so on. D.) Size in the same section of the catalog, from which the current size selected.On the Directory Panel, you can select a value from the available filters, then auto-fit will be made based on fixed values.When building a ghost image is displayed matched size. It is interesting and self key mode with transitions, which allows you to insert the current size, and select and the desired transition, if necessary.

KOMPAS-3D 16 is designed for the IBM PC type computers running the Windows XP, the operating systems of the MS / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 32-bit or 64-bit versions.Minimum system requirements are consistent with the requirements of the above operating systems. The amount of free space on your hard disk:
To install the base package - 2 GB (for x86), 2,1 GB (for x64)
for the installation of the Machine configuration - optional 800 MB (x86), 1 GB (for x64),
Construction for the installation configuration - optional 2.1 GB (for x86), 2 GB (for x64).
to set the configuration of instrument-making - an additional 200 MB (x86), 200 MB (x64).

Version Features:
A type: setting [x86 / x64]
Languages: Russian
Treatment: held [gribchenko]

Package Contents:
Kompas-3D v16
Engineering configuration (including the construction of a library of scans)
building configuration


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Kompas-3D 16.0.6 Special Edition

Kompas-3D 16.0.6 Special Edition

Kompas-3D 16.0.6 Special Edition

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