Re: Vision Effects Twixtor Pro 6.2.3 for AE & Premiere Pro

Re: Vision Effects Twixtor Pro 6.2.3 for Ae & Premiere Pro
Re: Vision FX Twixtor - Plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro programs, designed to synchronize (slowing, acceleration) and change the frequency of video frames with minimal losses.Frame transformation using Twixtor allows you to significantly improve image quality.Patented technology Re: Vision automatically calculates the motion vectors of each pixel by tracking points, allowing you to easily synthesize new frames, transforming and interpolating the original video row.

In case of problems with auto-detect, the user can manually prompt the program to the trajectory.

Key features:
• Calculation of vectors of motion in each pixel.
• High-tech image processing process.
• Stretching sequence using one scaling parameter.
• Restoring frame synchronization.
• Frame frequency conversion.
• 8 and 16 color-type color.
• Option for automatic increase in dark images and fuzzy (vague images) images.

TWIXTOR PRO features:
• Separation of objects. Support for the separation of backgrounds (rear and front) with masks. Twixtor Pro works with each layer on separateness to improve the result.The plugin uses its own filling and tracking methods when working with the back background, even if it is covered with an object with the front. Supported up to three layers.
• Support tracking points (Track Points). You can set up to 12 tracking points to help the plug-in estimate how the movement occurs.Using this technique, you can specify the path of the concrete pixel movement, then TWIXTOR Pro will be able to more accurately build vectors of motion. You can specify the positions of each point in each frame, but in After Effects it can be done from the frame to the frame using the technique of the application itself.
• Spline support. When TWIXTOR Pro demonstrates tracking problems, you can configure it by creating and animating simple forms.For these forms, TWIXTOR "will understand", as objects actually move. Spline management occurs in the program interface itself. Available in After Effects 5.0 and above.
• Import vectors of motion. The ability to offer Twixtor Pro vectors of motion generated anywhere (for example, in 3D modeling system) and add special fields of interpolated movement. This will facilitate the work of TWIXTOR Pro.
• Export vectors of motion. The ability to export the vector you create Twixtor Pro. Exports occurs in visual debug mode.This will make it better to see the quality of the evaluation of the movement of the tweak. Movement vector can be used anywhere (including in the import of TWIXTOR Pro motion vectors).

New in version:
• Fixes a Crashing Bug in Premiere Pro.
• Premiere Pro Users Will Now See Utilization of Two Or more Gpus At The Samtest Gpu on The Machine, And Are of The Exact Same Type.
• Premiere Pro Users Will No Longer The GPU to Be Supported by Premiere Pro in Order to Utilize GPU Acceleration.

System requirements:
• Windows 7 / 8/10 (64-bit)
• Adobe After Effects CS5 and above
• Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and above

Language: English
Treatment: Conducted (by Team VR)
File size: 10.77 MB

Re: Vision Effects Twixtor Pro 6.2.3 for Ae & Premiere Pro

Re: Vision Effects Twixtor Pro 6.2.3 for Ae & Premiere Pro

Re: Vision Effects Twixtor Pro 6.2.3 for Ae & Premiere Pro


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