onOne Perfect Effects Premium Edition

onOne Perfect Effects Premium Edition
Perfect Effects - A program (and the plug-in for Photoshop and other editors.), Which will allow using more than 70 effects to add elegance to style and make your photos better.Perfect Effects will instantly add any particular effect in one click, or combine several to make a photograph of HDR, or give it a vintage look, add texture, depth and even a huge number of other possibilities.
The program includes a complete library of professional photographic effects with an extensive range with a universal application.

It allows processing in batch mode, regardless of the format and the image size, add watermark, apply multiple effects simultaneously, and others.The treatment can be carried out in automatic and manual modes, with the ability to view before. The program can be used both independently and directly to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements.

Key features:
• Complete Library of Professional Effects - a wide range of professional and creative effects that can be used alone or in combination with other effects or presets.
• A large number of customizable options to produce the desired results. Effects are divided into categories and are included in the menu as tabs, here are some of them: black and white, antique, style, movies and photos, photo filters, textures and borders.
• The combination of effects - the effects can be combined by placing them on top of each other as filter on the camera lens.This allows photographers to explore their creative potential and create your own unique look. The combinations can be saved as precsety to quickly apply them in the future.
• Full-screen real-time preview - photographers can now be viewed in real time how the different effects will appear in the images in combination before they are applied.
• combination of settings - photographers got more control over the blending options for each effect, and to determine how and where an effect is applied without the need to make complex selections or masks.
• Masking Tools - masking popular tools were originally developed and introduced in Perfect Effects and provide the most control over how and where to apply the effect to the image.
• Manual - allows you to customize every element of any effect: the intensity, color, tone and texture. It allows photographers to apply the effect, and then customize it to create your own unique look.

Changes in the onOne Perfect Effects
- The Perfect Browse update add key improvements in four areas; grid view, detail view, caching, and albums.Grid view has been reworked to be much much faster and smoother when you scroll through thumbnails.Detail view, for looking at one photo at a time, has been improved so you will hardly ever see a pixelated version of your photo.This will be a much better experience when scrolling through full previews at a regular pace. The persistent cache of thumbnails and previews allows you to go back to a folder you have viewed before and make it lightning fast to view.
- Albums are a new feature for Perfect Browse and it allows you to make a list, or collection of photos.The great part about on1 Albums is that photos added to the album can live anywhere (local hard disk or the cloud). Files do not get duplicated when you add them to an Album, it's more like a list of shortcuts.
- Perfect Portrait has also undergone significant performance improvements. You will immediately notice the start up speed (from opening Portrait to finding faces). The adjustments of the eyes are mouth are also much faster.
- There are many more features and performance enhancements found in version 9.5, including a new line mask tool; luminosity masking, and bug fixes.

Operating system: Windows Win 7 / Win 8/10 (x64)
Enabling | Reg. code: Keygen-XFORCE
Interface language: English
Size: 274,80 MB

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