Magic Particles 3D 3.18 Final + Special Effects

Magic Particles 3D 3.18 Final + Special Effects
Magic Particles 3D - A program for creating and editing effects.With it you can create effects such as burning text, smoke, bizarre images, glowing particles swirling along a predetermined path, the tornado, and many others are easily and quickly.The program is very rich in features to create stunning effects that you can not only create, but also apply to photos and videos.We decided to create their own branded screensaver? With Magic Particles 3D easy! Animated banner on the website - there is nothing easier. From the quality of the special effects created by the program is breathtaking.

The Magic Particles 3D program, you can quickly create a vibrant and dynamic special effects.User-friendly interface in Russian with a wide range of features and controls many functions of the program allows a few mouse clicks and without having anyexpertise in the field of computer graphics to create professional world-class special effects.Magic Particles 3D contains a large collection of ready-made blanks with the basics that you can immediately proceed with the creation. The program includes an excellent help system in Russian with pictures and detailed descriptions of all the functions and features.

Flaming text, a flying comet, autumn leaves dancing in the wind, snowstorm and multicolored fog, wriggly tentacles of outlandish creatures, fantastic silhouettes of plants - all these (and manyothers!) Images can not only be created in this program, but added to your photos and videos.

If you do not limit yourself and create a design work using different programs, the Magic Particles 3D supports exporting a sequence of frames with alpha channel for its processingthird-party video editing programs. There is a special version of Magic Particles (Dev) For software developers, allowing the use of visual effects created in the games and programs

Some features:
• There was a 3D-version of the library. The library now has 2 versions: 2D and 3D. Help and header file magic.h are common to both versions. 3D-version of the library is able to play 2D-emitters using the given plane in space.
• Universal wrap (wrapper) has been completely redesigned for simultaneous use in 2D, and 3D mode.
• Made significant improvements texture atlas. API is now able to work with 2 types of atlases: static and dynamic.Static atlases are constructed with the help of the editor and linked to ptc-file. Dynamic atlases are constructed at runtime from the textures stored within the ptc-file.In older versions of a dynamic atlas was built just for all loaded into memory emitters, now you can specify emitters selectively.Library self-monitors atlases, and if, for example, some emitter was removed, his textures in the atlas are also removed and the void can be used under thetextures of another emitter.If the user has engaged a standard wrapper, the difference between static and dynamic atlases should be no, because the wrapper itself dealt with the "what" and "how" to download, as well as self-cleans unused atlas if necessary.
• Wrapper is now own texture recovers lost in the case of switching the screen mode.
• The editor automatically cuts the "emptiness" at the edges of loaded textures, which leads to significant savings in texture memory, as well as to increase the rendering speed of the particles.Undercut behaves texture visually just as before, and for special effects designer saves time by optimizing the particle.
• The editor allows you to scale the texture visually observing the work of special effects. Very often the designer makes a great texture to a particle that is very bad impact on your computer's resources. Now, this texture can be reduced directly in the editor to the desired size.
• The library is compatible with the timeline editor, ie, all actions performed by the editor will be timeline and accurately the library. Also it is possible to programmatically create / delete / edit keys timeline.
• You can create a "tail" of particles between the two positions the emitter.This may be necessary if the emitter was abruptly moved a great distance, in this case, it is sometimes useful to create a transition to "trace" of the particles.The construction of this tail / trail can be configured through the structure MAGIC_TAIL to get the most effective result. For the convenience of the user to configure the structure MAGIC_TAIL can visually using the editor.
• Ability to limit the scope of birth of new particles. For example, you can create a fire emitter in a large area, and then limit the area of ​​a small area in the center.Then the new particles will be produced only within this scope. But the scope, you can gradually increase the radius, which practically gives the effect of "spreading" of the flame.
• In total, the library added 40 new features. It solved a lot of small and large problems that were not always obvious.

What's new in version 3.18:
The editor added 2 new naborf effects. The files are named and 3d_ktl.ptc 3d_ktl2.ptc.
The errors that were found.
Officially released a new version of the API.
The simplified API to work with the camera (see. MAGIC_CAMERA structure), now the user can specify the mode of operation of the camera, such as a camera for the orthogonal projection, and the API will automatically aim the camera at each emitter so as to obtain an orthogonal image.
The API finalized emitter rendering process. Added the ability to filter the render settings that the user receives from the API.
The API were Materials - user can combine pre-render settings into a single structure, and then use it for drawing.

Enabling | Reg. code: Not required
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1 / Win 10
Interface language: Multilingual
Size: 190.5 MB

Magic Particles 3D 3.18 Final + Special Effects

Magic Particles 3D 3.18 Final + Special Effects

Magic Particles 3D 3.18 Final + Special Effects


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