Browser Avant Browser 2015 build 12

Browser Avant Browser 2015 build 12

Avant Browser - browser based on the engine, Trident. It has advanced functionality compared to other browsers. IE uses the same engine, but it is less convenient.

You can download free Avant Browser and appreciate its high speed. The developers have made minimal use of RAM and CPU, thereby eliminated any delay and brakes.

Feature Avant Browser is a tabbed interface. It allows you to view several sites. This is especially handy if you have a large monitor, and you like to get just a wealth of information in a short time.

In one click, you can disable the loading of flash animation on the pages, at times speeding up page rendering and significantly reduce Internet traffic. Any ActiveX components, video, music, etc. can be turned off, not only in order to save time and bandwidth, but also to improve safety.

There is also another very interesting feature: alias addresses. Any address can be assigned an alias and type it instead of a long and uncomfortable addresses. For example, you can get on Wikipedia, just typing «w» in the address bar, Avant Browser, if you assign a nickname.

There are also many other useful features that have become commonplace in today's browsers.
Version: 2015 build 12
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Avant Force
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 42,3 Mb
Download Avant Browser 2015 build 12