Program for communication Viber

Program for communication Viber

Viber (Viber) - is one of the most popular programs to communicate through the Internet. For a long time there were versions for mobile platforms, but now Viber is available for Windows.

Viber provides many options: sending text messages, images and stickers, voice and video, synchronization between devices, call forwarding.You can communicate only with other Viber users on the mobile or PC, but for this we need only an Internet connection. From mobile to the PC version moved fun stickers that are easy to use, instead of smiles.

Get started with the program as easy as on mobile devices.It is necessary to download free Viber to your computer from our website, add your phone number and enter the confirmation code which will via SMS. Then you can start communication, contacts are automatically synchronized. Just as in a mobile version, the contacts are added to the phone number.

Messenger Viber traditionally not picky about the quality of your Internet connection.Often, when connected to a public network speed is insufficient for normal communication in Skype, while Viber allows you to make voice and video calls even with slowInternet. The quality of audio and video at the same time is sufficiently high. It is possible to redirect the current calls between different devices.

Messenger has a nice, but simple interface. Setting it is the minimum. To realize all that the user can communicate immediately after installation.Using Viber is as easy as a mobile phone, and even novice users to easily master it. With support for Windows, more people can join the Viber, to always be in touch. To do this now download free Viber to your computer and install it.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Viber Media Inc.
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 41.5 Mb
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