The program for networking Hamachi

The program for networking Hamachi

In order to create their own online network try download Hamachi.

With the help of Hamachi, you become the owner of a secure online network, which has all the features of the local network. The only difference - no one will be able to connect to your virtual network without the knowledge of the unique IP address and the password that is generated automatically.

The procedure to install and configure the program Hamachi is quite simple and straightforward. The program has a fully Russian interface. Create a network each time it is not necessary.You just need to run the server, and users who have access to the network will be able to play together in multiplayer games, or share files.

Hamachi program is useful for users who do not want to buy a separate server for the game, but I want to play only his company.Therefore, creating a LAN using Hamachi, you can only play with your friends.If you turn off the server, the network is completely lost, so the creator of the network must have the most reliable connection to the Internet. Download Hamachi in Russian from our site for a direct link.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: LogMeIn
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 6,1 Mb
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