Monitoring Internet connection NetWorx

Monitoring Internet connection NetWorx

NetWorx allows you to independently control the quality of the Internet connection, the speed at which information is transmitted, and it is possible to determine the trace to the desired url and then ping it.

The program NetWorx able to reflect information in digital and graphic form. At the same location on the screen is determined independently.

The program NetWorx can show the volume of sent and received information, average and maximum speed of transmission or reception for a particular period of time, in kilobytes. The program has easy to read interface that even a beginner can understand intuitively.

The disadvantages of the program is the fact that it shows a greater volume of traffic than the provider of the user.

Download NetWorx in Russian can be anyone, why not even need to register online at our website.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: SoftPerfect Research
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 3,1 Mb
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