Listening to Internet radio and TV - BooRadio 3.5

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Listening to Internet radio and TV - BooRadio 3.5

BooRadio - the client to listen to the radio and watching television over the Internet. Since the program was created Russian developers, it is designed for Russian users.Base stations and TV channels clearly confirms this, because it contains several hundred entries, most of which lead to Russian sources.

Since the playlist is stored on servers, users do not need every time to manually add new channels. When developers make changes to the playlist, it updates the program itself.The official website of the program can offer their radio and TV channels. If they are working, they will add to the playlist. The player is constantly being improved, and the ability for each user to participate in this valuable.

If you want to download free BooRadio, do not forget that the need for its work package installed .NET Framework 2.0. If the program does not start, most likely you do not have this package and should be installed.
Version: 3.5
Localized language: Yes
Developer: BooBLe
Operating system: Windows 7/8 / XP / Vista
Size: 0,7 Mb
Free BooRadio 3.5