File Sharing HTTP Share 1.0

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File Sharing HTTP Share 1.0

HTTP Share - convenient program for "rassharivaniya" files. You can always download free HTTP Share, as it is distributed freely.Its feature is that the files are open to other people's access, available not only on the local network, but also a global one. This means that these may be accessed by computer located anywhere, even in another country.

Despite the apparent complexity, the program is very simple HTTP Share. It integrates with Explorer Windows, so open access to the file or folder, you can right from the context menu.In this case, the network address of the buffer is copied to the file or folder. Thus, immediately after the "rassharivaniya" you can send the address of the person for whom and open access.Simply copy it into an e-mail or online messenger. This user can download data via HTTP.
Version: 10
Localized language: No
Developer: AiLEX
Operating system: Windows XP
Size: 0,4 Mb
Free HTTP Share 1.0