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Chat V-Talking

V-Talking - multi-chat, based on client-server chain. Word multifunctional here not by accident, the program has a lot to do. Integrated Forum, file transfer, support for formatting polls - are just a small part of the enormous possibilities of the program.

V-Talking chat can operate in a client-client. To ensure data security, encryption of messages is implemented.Supported by the administration, file uploads and downloads to support resuming. There is an opportunity to publish the images, use special tags, HTML-templates and styles CSS, hypersthene. Availability smiles and status will help revitalize the communication and make it more exciting.

Convenient compact interface with tabs - one more reason to download V-Talking. Support bots and availability of the system of penalties to help keep order in the chat.The program is an excellent alternative izzhivshemu themselves ICQ, as well as Skype, and other messengers having leaner functional.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Incremental Software
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Size: 5,0 Mb
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