ICQ-client R & Q 1120

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ICQ-client R & Q 1120

R & Q - a small but very popular ICQ-client. Originally distributed in the archive and does not require installation, but there is a version with an installer, which is easier to learn for inexperienced users.The program is proprietary, although previously had open source. However, download free R & Q may be perfectly legal, because the client has not become chargeable.

The program has all the comforts to which we are accustomed in the ICQ-client.There is support for X-status, check for invisibility, antispam, work with a proxy automatic transliteration and much more. Despite the rather broad functionality, the program takes up very little space and is very fast.

At the moment, the program also supports file transfer. In addition, the program can display icons clients used contacts.Messenger is portable, so it can be written to any removable media, such as USB flash drive and carry, using as needed. This is very convenient because all settings, plugins, etc. You will always be with you.
Version: 1120
Localized language: Yes
Developer: R & Q Team
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 1,3 Mb
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