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Download Manager Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a great download manager bespltnym, which contains a lot of important and convenient features.

With the help of the program Orbit Downloader can download to make audio and video files from multiple servers streaming. Besides using the program to view streaming video and a flash animation.

Orbit Downloader program has many advantages, for example, it automatically finds the mirrors for download, share files on the weight of parts and at the same time produces X skachivaniyae from the network.Orbit Downloader also works with the protocols HTTP, FTP, RTSP, HTTPS and MMS. If it became necessary to download video from social networks in the format Flash, Orbit Downloader is not fail in this case.

At Orbit downloader has lots of advantages:High speed downloads, multi-language interface, the minimum program requirements for computer resources, such as file upload SWF and FLV, view content of zip-files to download, workthrough the built-in server, stopping and resuming of downloading files, support functions Metalink, easy to manage uploaded files, Russification.

Sacha free Orbit Downloader with language and enjoy the benefits of the download manager.
Localized language: There crack
Developer: Innoshock
Operating system: Windows 7/8 / XP / Vista
Size: 4,3 Mb
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