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Browser RockMelt

RockMelt - does that focuses on the social component of the Internet. The dough is integrated with social networks, blogs, microblogs, etc.In fact, "out of the box" provides users with quick access to many functions of the social sites that other browsers would require the installation of plug-ins.

RockMelt is based on the platform of Chromium, the user data stored in the cloud, so you can continue surfing the web from another computer or Apple-devices.In the browser, there is a special panel, which displays information about the accounts Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.This panel is configured, it is possible to add accounts and other social sites. The program offers a convenient means of messaging, with microblogging and etc.

As for the cloud data storage server using Facebook, you must have an account to use all the features of the browser. A special button «Share» allows to share links with friends on social networks.

You can download RockMelt on our site.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Rockmelt Inc.
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 0,6 Mb
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