Internet Radio All-Radio 3.79

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Internet Radio All-Radio 3.79

All-Radio - a free program for watching TV and video streaming over the Internet, as well as listening to online radio.Lists of available programs are stored on 15 servers, with which the program is synchronized at startup. The database contains more than 3,300 radio stations, 775 TV channels, 391 video. For convenience, all the stations are divided by country.

With All-Radio can record any broadcast for later use, and the various options available.These include the bit rate, the size limit in megabytes, the number of audio channels (mono, stereo, j-stereo), etc.If desired, the user can add additional channels that are not available in the database program. They can easily be added to favorites, as well as translation from the list.Moreover, every user has the ability to add a channel to the server to become available to others. The station is added to the list after validation by the administration.

Ability to download free All-Radio has been seen as advertising banners, built into the program. Thus, advertisers pay for the program, not the user.
Version: 3.79
Localized language: Yes
Developer: All-Radio
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 10,1 Mb
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