RSS client Omea Reader 2.2 build 1098

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RSS client Omea Reader 2.2 build 1098

Omea Reader - a versatile RSS-aggregator, which is suitable for reading e-mail, newsgroups, instant messaging of different IM clients.

Intelligent filtering system allows you to first of all read the news priority. Search criteria can be saved for later use.To make it easier to navigate in the abundance of news feeds, you can sort them into groups containing different subjects. The amount of investment is not limited in any way. In addition, each newsletter you can create a small annotation to put markers on them, etc.

Omea Reader program is integrated into the browser, so the user can sign up directly from the browser on any tape. You can also import feeds and automatic backup of the database.

For user convenience, implemented the automatic execution of many tasks. It is easier to work with large volumes of information. Thus, a user spends time only direct viewing is really important news.

For the sake of this universality is Omea Reader download and install. It is capable of replacing a variety of programs, which will now no longer needed.
Version: 2.2 build 1098
Localized language: Yes
Developer: JetBrains
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 5,1 Mb
Free Omea Reader 2.2 build 1098