Program for communication Google Talk

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Program for communication Google Talk

Google Talk - a program for communication between users of Gmail. A Google Account is required. The client allows you to exchange text messages, make free calls. As for the communication protocol used XMPP, it has the ability to communicate through other XMPP-server.

Sync with Google-account made it possible to add to the Google Talk contacts from Gmail.Thus, if one of your contacts will install the client, you can immediately begin to communicate with him, without having to send each other any user names or numbers. The program will also announce new messages in the mail Gmail.

Communicate through instant messaging presence funny animated emoticons. You can send them by using their emotions, that it is sometimes impossible to make only one text.

Get used to the Google Talk for a long time is not necessary, because the program is very similar to all sorts of ICQ-client and Skype, but in contrast to the same Skype this client is much faster and does not require muchresources. You no longer have to choose between voice communication and games, or work in a powerful program - just download the free Google Talk, and you can combine these tasks without fear of "loose".
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Google Inc.
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 1,3 Mb
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