Browser Safari 5.1.7

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Browser Safari 5.1.7

Safari (Safari) - it does from one of the most famous companies in the world - Apple, famous for its mobile phones, tablets and players, as well as desktops and laptops.While in principle, nothing particularly innovative in the browser is not (there are only a few features that other browsers do not), it has all the features that has everyone does.

Download free Safari you will primarily does its interface and flawless appearance. It's Apple, remember? Effects and various bells and whistles are myriad.With regard to the method of display pages, the developers added a Safari browser engine WebKit, so pages appear fast enough. As for the engine - it is almost the same as Google Chrome.

Among the features Safari, is of interest, we can mention built-in search, the system bookmarks, window view mode, the ability to read directly in the browser feeds, automatic form fillingthe Internet, as well as the mass of plugins that can be downloaded for free from the official sites or third-party developers that greatly enhance the capabilities of this already quite functional browser.

On our site you can always download the latest version of Safari for Windows. This version of the Safari browser supports all Windows, including XP and 7.
Version: 5.1.7
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Apple Computer, Inc.
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 36,8 Mb
Download free Safari (Safari) 5.1.7