Communication in the LAN Net Speakerphone 4.9 RC1

Communication in the LAN Net Speakerphone 4.9 RC1

The main function of Net Speakerphone is communication in a local network via text messages and voice, the so-called phone network that is already clear from the title of this program.

Send a text message with the help of Net Speakerphone possible and on the computers on the network on which this program at this time is not running.There is the possibility of creating voice conference, with the participation of several people. In conversation you can adjust the microphone volume (increases if necessary).

The program has a Net Speakerphone functionality for remote management - off the monitor, control audio mixer, the completion of the session, the performance of the machine is rebooted, and others.(These features are available thanks to the external utility Wizmo v1.0). Calling the program is easily accomplished with the use of "hot keys".

This program should definitely install those whose computer is connected to the network - no matter home or work network.The choice, of course, is up to each user, but the program adds the convenience of working in a network and saves time. Run it easy, just download free Net Speakerphone and install it on all computers on the network.
Version: 4.9 RC1
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Alex Odinchenko
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 3,8 Mb
Free Net Speakerphone 4.9 RC1